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Volost where historical unexplored hot spring and heart feel at ease. There "feeling trip at time" to the good old days

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Thatch town Yakushi Onsen HATAGO is one quiet accommodation held in bosom of a mountain of Mt. Asamakakushi in Joshu Azuma.

Many good old old articles daily used by people of natural hot spring blowing out on this ground from before 200 rest of life and 4,518 points…

You solve traveling outfit, and please enjoy feeling (jikan) to the full when you drift gently.

Map in volost Honjin Yakushi Onsen gate of a tenement house style Hamada's house The Konnos The Kimuras Small Hayashiya Seseragi House Yasuragi House tenjitoko of the times Railroad tie way Railroad tie open space manekifukushichirenkanedo The best iron cauldron in Japan The Kimuras closed place Doctor hallowed place Merchant tenement house Soba Ko-bo Makuragi to* kito era chest corridor Storehouse door Sato-no-yu Pet Hotel Karada Oendan Honpo Takimi-no-yu Private bath Yakushi-no-yu Fresh vegetable Studio "Sora e"


Staying ridge has "ease building" of hinoki half with open-air bath and new building "murmuring building" along Nurumigawa in all rooms.

Japanese-style room two ken type of ease hall all rooms hinoki half with open-air bath Japanese-style room two ken type of murmuring hall all rooms hinoki half with open-air bath
Google indoor view Photogallery