Yakushi Onsen HATAGO,located near Kusatsu,Gunma. Feel ancient taste of Japan and a relaxing time.


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Event information

Event that is held in now being held, few days

[the sagemon Doll's Festival]
Tsurushi bina "we lower thing" decorated in old folk house "the Konnos" of thatched roof house for from Saturday, January 28, 2017 to Friday, March 31 is the Doll's Festival to color.
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Ever held event

[firefly admiration knight CRYDD]
We carry out night Cruise showing around "firefly appreciation spot" around the HATAGO for a limited time!
[hydrangea festival]
We put together in season of hydrangea and perform events such as fairs.
[the Satsuki Festival Boy's Festival]
You can see carp streamer swimming in display of brave armor decoration and the sky clearing up.
[HATAGO anniversary story]
You can see photograph and apparel filled with happiness full of smiles.
Institute of painting small works exhibition in Japan
Work of teachers of classic Japanese institute of painting is exhibited at exhibition to become the second in HATAGO.
[autumn taste city]
Event now being held to enjoy autumn taste including new side of delicious liquor and *mugitakumibo railroad tie!
[car exhibition in HATAGO of ancient times]
We display unbearable classic car to fan including Daihatsu Midget and Mazda Carol.
HATAGO wedding photo exhibition [HATAGO memorial day]
Wedding ceremony of the one and only to celebrate in volost where ancient rite is refined. Photograph introduces trace of HATAGO wedding.
[craftsman exhibition of Edo]
We observe the traditional traditional skill close! You can purchase industrial art object on the spot.
[harvest moon viewing the moon society]
We listen to gagaku while enjoying the moon under clear autumn night sky….
[summer festival]
Summer vacation when events only by summer including wind-bell city, fair are varied!
[supurendore Haruna]
Classic car event largest in North Kanto! Dozens of classic cars surround sightseeing spot of Gunma.
[festival of ice]
We create romantic winter 1st including snow image, ice garden lantern of sculpture and staff handicraft of ice.

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