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Summer of good old those days is right here――

We hold summer festival to be able to enjoy play experiences in fair and wind-bell city, old days.
We challenge begoma, menko, cup and ball, hula-hoop at play experience corner in old days!
For the making of memory of summer vacation, come to HATAGO by all means!


・Cheap candy tsukamidori
100 sentences
・Soap bubbles
100 sentences
・We scoop yoyo
100 sentences
・A lot of cheap candies
100 sentences
・T-shaped flying toy made of bamboo
100 sentences
300 sentences
・Target practice
300 sentences
・Thatch town original beigoma
500 sentences
700 sentences ...

Summer blue-ribbon menu

・*mugitakumikobo railroad tie
 Summer mini-tempura bowl (with prawns)    500 sentences
・Rental of stylish yukata
 (obi, yukata, clogs)    1,000 sentences

Wind-bell cities of the whole country

We display national wind-bell including china wind-bell and southern wind-bell and sell.
Various 500 sentences - 3,000 sentences

Old days play experience (free)

We challenge play in various old days including beigoma, menko, cup and ball, hula-hoop!

Summer event (free)

・Old articles daily used by people stamp rally (free)
・Meeting (free) with rice cake ※Date limitation

Craftsman exhibition of the fifth Edo
First half 8/5 - 8/11, latter half 8/12 - 8/18
The traditional traditional skill gathers in thatch town!
The details are going to improve as soon as they are selected!

◆Tray period event◆

①8/13( soil) 12:30/14:30
"Takeo rial & Takasaki city band"

②8/14( day) 12:30/14:45
"Joshu Agatsuma rock ark drum"

How to play color color! Fun ticket

It is fun ticket of 1,100 sentences for 1,000 yen!

We sell fun ticket to be able to be idle from child to adult.
Using fun ticket, please enjoy classic fair♪

※It takes additional charge about Irigo, bathing.

What is trip heart member?

Recommendation plan

[we return on season, consecutive stay, memorial day, day] Advantageous accommodation, day return plan of summer HATAGO

Summer of those days to revive with good old scene and tone of wind-bell…
With family and group and important person, come to the making of summer memory by all means!
You stay and offer one-day together various plans.  Recommendation plan Recommendation plan guidance

[cool air summer of volost] Fresh summer field greens and fresh hand-kneaded udon to bake in hearth ♪ Chef recommendation summer dish plan

Unrivaled article as soba which craftsman performs closing a bargain of every morning comes to eat only soba, and volost comes to done visitor ♪ As reservation is unnecessary, please drop in at lunch and break casually.

Railroad tie guidance  

※Reservation is unnecessary!