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Summer festival
Summer festival

Summer of good old those days is right here

We hold summer festival to be able to enjoy play experiences in fair and wind-bell city, old days.
We challenge begoma, menko, Kendama, hula-hoop at play experience corner in old days! For the making of memory of summer vacation, come to HATAGO by all means!

Fair, yukata, wind-bell
Summer event
・Old articles daily used by people stamp rally (free)
Craftsman exhibition of Edo

Craftsman exhibition of the fifth Edo

First half 8/11 - 8/17, latter half 8/18 - 8/24

The traditional traditional skill gathers in thatch town!

Please see this detailed.

Tray period event
  ・Saturday, August 12 "Joshu Azuma rock ark drum" 12:30 - /14:30
  ・Sunday, August 13 "Takeo rial & Takasaki city belt" 12:30 - /14:30
  ・Monday, August 14 "kids HIPHOP dance team ZEROSEN" 12:30 - /14:15
  ・Tuesday, August 15 "Fujioka Ryukyu drum EISA performance" 12:30 - /14:30
Event photograph
・Cheap candy tsukamidori
100 sentences ...
・Soap bubbles
100 sentences
・We scoop yoyo
100 sentences
・A lot of cheap candies
100 sentences
・T-shaped flying toy made of bamboo
100 sentences
300 sentences
・Target practice
300 sentences
・Thatch town original beigoma
500 sentences
700 sentences ...
Wind-bell cities of the whole country
We display national wind-bell including china wind-bell and southern wind-bell and sell.
Various 500 sentences - 3,000 sentences
Old days play experience
We challenge play in various old days including shallows beigoma, menko, Kendama, hula-hoop!
Summer blue-ribbon menu
・Mini-tempura bowl (with prawns) of soba artisan studio railroad tie summer
500 sentences
・Rental of stylish yukata (obi, yukata, clogs)
1,000 sentences
Fun ticket

Recommendation plan

Summer of those days to revive with good old scene and tone of wind-bell…With family and group and important person, come to the making of summer memory by all means!

Recommended low dining table of 7.8 month ★Summer hearth banquet dishes which are full of pike congers (pike conger) in the midsummer
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One-day plan

Side artisan bunch railroad tie
  • tel: Please consult about trip in 0279-69-2422 a great number of people
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