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We publish about question with many inquiries from visitor.

About means of transportation, access

About access in case of use of train and car

Please confirm the details from page of traffic access.

From station about pick-up bus

We offer free pick-up bus targeting at guests. ※Reservation required
As for the meeting, as for two flights at 17:10, the forwarding, there are and two flights at 12:30 from HATAGO with at 14:15 from JR Agatsuma Line Nakanojo Station at 10:50. The details, please identify page of traffic access.

Use time about reservation, payment

Is credit card usable?

JCB, VISA, master, AMEX, UC, DC, Diners Saison is available. It becomes the handling only for lump sum payment.

About time, rate of day trip bath

Available. During from 10:00 to 16:00 (※ summertime - 17:00), we usually open facility.
Bath opening concerning cleaning may vary according to day. Usually…For hot water from 10:00 to 16:00 of volost, it is takiken*yu from 11:00 to 14:00
It is adult 1,200 yen, dwarf (less than primary schoolchild) 600 yen in bathing, visit pack. The details, please identify page of one-day guidance.

Please tell time for check-in check-out.

At check-in 15:00, it is usually check-out 10:00. It fluctuates depending on plan. In addition, you can have you arrive early as open volost costs thatch town from 10:00.

About charge of child

Primary schoolchild (in the case of meal which is equal to adult): 70% of adult rates
Less than primary schoolchild (kids' lunch): 50% of adult rates
Less than primary schoolchild (with meal or bedclothing): 30% of adult rates
3 years old or younger (there is no bedclothing in meal): 1,080 yen ※0-year-old child is free.

How long are cancellation charges caused?

We charge about cancellation charges as follows.

Cancellation day On the day (there is no communication) On the day (there is communication) The day before Two days ago
Cancellation charges 100% 50% 50% 20%

Can we arrive early?

As open volost costs thatch town from 10:00, you can have you arrive early. Visit of each facility, bathing of bath are possible, too. (toward staying, we rent towel about bathing after check-out before check-in free at the front desk.)

Rate of chartered bath, reservation method?

It is 2,000 yen by the 40-minute use. We heard reservation at the time of check-in. We heard one used in one-day one after arrival.
※Please note that you did not hear advance reservations.

About facility, service

Can cake prepare?

We offer. As you ask about size or message over telephone, please contact by all means by three days ago you like. In addition, other than cake, we heard order for bouquet.

Is there parking lot?

There is free parking lot. One-day accommodation is basically unnecessary for reservation of parking lot together, but I would like notification just to make sure when we come by several cars.

Is companion of pet possible?

Possible. There are the pet accommodations. ※Care becomes responsibility of visitor (owner).
But please note that walk in volost has you decline. The facility still asks for movement in part of concrete (as for the walk around HATAGO, free). The details of the pet accommodations, please identify page of house of puss as Pochi.

Is preparation for private room possible by use of lunch, dinner?

About suppertime, we offer grade of meal in private room if we can have reservation at discerning low dining table of cook. In the case of others, we accept in form that, therefore, you want, but may not offer depending on status of the day. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you cope with food allergy?

We cope. As you replace with meal different as possible, please order the details at the time of reservation.

Is meal meal in the room?

Guest offers in restaurant of thatched house. We have you enjoy seasonal wall furnace village banquet dishes, and it is offering in restaurant to make use of original material and cooking method.

Amenity, facilities of room

We usually offer one piece of yukata, work batter one piece, bath towel, face towel, tabi socks per person, toothbrush set, shaver (man), shower cap (woman), short coat, clogs. In guest room such as lotion, emulsion, dryer, medicine chest there is offering.

Is there karaoke?

We can offer sweets shop storehouse door (or the Konnos) after dinner as karaoke room. ※Reservation required
As there are only two, there is this on day not to be able to accept depending on the congestion situation, too.

Is it natural hot spring? Is it available for 24 hours?

Hot water of large communal bath doctor is natural hot spring gravity-feed irrigation. Only hot water of doctor is available for 24 hours.
Hot water from 6:00 to 22:30 of the tayokujoeigyojikantakiken*yu 6:00 - 0:00/ volost

Is there massage?

We heard for 6,000 yen until from 20:00 to 2:00 for 3,000 yen, 60 minutes for 30 minutes. Reservation is until 20:00 of the day.

Facility, contents which we can experience

Making soba experience is possible. ※Reservation required
Guest usually shows around ... at 10:30 after check-out. There are change and day not to be able to accept depending on the congestion situation at time. The details, please identify page of making soba experience.

Is one Yakushi Onsen hotel?

Yakushi Onsen HATAGO is one hotel of unexplored hot spring. There are other spa hotels in the outskirts, too, but the source or facility become different another hotel, too.

About soundproofing of ease building

Ease building is not perfect for soundproofing for wooden construction. We may be worried about sound of neighboring guest room and footsteps of upper floor.

  • tel: Please talk about trip in 0279-69-2422 a great number of people
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