Yakushi Onsen HATAGO,located near Kusatsu,Gunma. Feel ancient taste of Japan and a relaxing time.


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In HATAGO, we offer substantial facility, service to more than 10 groups.
As well as accommodation, the use only at meeting is welcome banquet, too!
Please enjoy a time in thatched house full of old days atmosphere not to be able to taste in others.

Banquet is party, meeting ... various scenes

By celebration of friend and / close person whom / mind cannot put by / class reunion in / employee trip by Buddhist memorial service and meeting of relatives in the second party of / wedding ceremony in / meeting, presentation…Banquet in various scenes is party and is available.

We accept consultation such as meal contents, entertainment according to budget.
Please feel free to consult.

Events such as commemorative ceremony or concert use.

Introduction of meeting place

Small Hayashiya
The main building's greatest seating capacity: 80 people
The detached room's greatest seating capacity: 18 people
Thatched house which is-shaped made of typical field. Main building is meal meeting place which is the largest in HATAGO. Detached room is recommended for group where is lower than 20 people.
The details of small Hayashiya are this
Small Hayashiya main buildingLoss of interest in small Hayashiya
Hamada's house
The hall's greatest seating capacity: 44 people
The private room's greatest seating capacity: 18 people
Thatched house which ceramist of living national treasure, Shoji Hamada, Shinsaku used as home of parent and child. Partition is done to the number of people.
The details of Hamada's house are this
Railroad tie open space in front of Hamada's houseHamada's house private room
The Konnos
Banquet maximum seating capacity: 50 people
The second party's greatest seating capacity: 60 people
Thatched house that scale is magnificent at 3 stories that is rare in thatched house. Ceiling is expensive and is meeting place with open feeling.
The details of the Konnos are this
Outlook on Konno my wifeThe Konnos appearance
Storehouse door
Only as for the use of second party
Maximum seating capacity: 25 people
While being simple; fu kinoarukayabuki house. It is recommended in one where karaokes want to be enjoyed by reservations.
Storehouse door
Doctor BAR
Only as for the use of second party
Maximum seating capacity: 20 people
BAR with atmosphere facing Nurumigawa. You can enjoy original cocktail while looking at mountain stream lighted up.
Doctor BAR

Outdoor event holding

Doctor BARDoctor BARRailroad tie open space in front of Hamada's house is available as outdoor event site.
In the past, we held classic car exhibition or viewing the moon party. Announcement events such as circle, club are available backed by noble thatched house in various scenes.

We accept consultation about the use of use of reservations of each meeting place, other facilities.

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