Yakushi Onsen HATAGO,located near Kusatsu,Gunma. Feel ancient taste of Japan and a relaxing time.


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Information for neighboring sightseeing

Hot spring resort

Kusatsu Onsen hot water field
Hot water field located in the center of hot-spring resort is symbol of Kusatsu Onsen. 4,000 liters a minute of hot springs spring out and always kick up steam. In the circumference of hot water field, it is in park which can enjoy walk of bath towel including "Mt. Shirane bench" which modelled sidewalk where we spread tile all over, stone fence, Mt. Shirane.
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Manza Onsen
Skiing area is famous in hot spring resort of Japanese best place to be located to 1,800m above sea level. Cloudiness or yellow features hot water which we made turbid, and content of sulfur ingredient is number one in Japan.

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Shima Onsen
There is opinion that origin of the name works for 40,000 illness with sulfate spring. Depths 40,000 lake is famous spot of colored leaves.
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Ikaho Onsen
Excellent hot water which represents prefecture along with Kusatsu Onsen. Ikaho Shrine exists in point that went up famous stone stairway street.
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Shiriyaki Onsen
In hot spring which begins to spring out from the bottom of a river of long Sasagawa, it is famous for the area. We prepare dam into top and bottom of river, and hot water comes to collect.
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Tourist attraction

Azuma Valley
Valleys for approximately 3.5 kilometers from wild goose ga swamp Bridge appearing in the Agatsuma River to eight ground Ohashi. Scenery can enjoy time of the fresh green and colored leaves.
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Haruna Shrine
We are said to be Kanto outstanding power spot with strong wish fulfillment power. Important cultural property (country designation).
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The Mizusawa Kannon
Temple of Tendai sect to be informed when founded in the Asuka era by the open basis of provincial governor Takamitsu of Ueno country. Mizusawa udon is famous.
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Roadside station rural district plaza kawaba
Popular spot that was elected for Kanto favorite roadside station five years by the consecutive first place. Kawaba-mura special products assemble in full force. We can enjoy meal and shopping in quiet scenery.
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Haruna Lake
Lake which is located at 1,084 meters above sea level, the summit of Mount Haruna.

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At crater lake at the Shirone mountaintop, it is 300m in diameter, depth of the water 30m. Crater wall of white bave rock such as the surface of the moon can observe mysterious figure full of lake of emerald green from observation station. ※As for Mt. Shirane kettle, Closed to the Public, visit become impossible for volcano regulation now.
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Shikasawa lily garden
It is 500,000 lilies to 1,350m above sea level, 60,000 square meters. Figure and contrast of blue sky to be colorful, and to bloom are superb views. ※Please confirm on homepage during opening of the park periods.
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Karuizawa Prince shopping plaza
To metropolitan area is back and know and would like to be dropped in at outlet of Karuizawa everybody.
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Eight "roadside stations" ground oldness and hall
Roadside station of Yanba Dam upper reaches part where there is free footbathing.
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At the fortune Dharma doll birthplace, we worship kitatatsuchintakureifuson and Bodhidharma. Fair of Dharma dolls is held every year in January.
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Shiroi hotel
Post town that prospered as castle town of Shiroi Castle.
The arrangement of houses of godown style just conveys feature at the time of going.
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Yunomaru Kogen
In Yunomaru Kogen, we can look at seasonal flower. Rhododendron japonicum of from June to July in particular is appointed to natural monument of country. It is skiing area in winter.
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Ogre pushing out Asama volcano Museum
Mainly on display explanation of great eruption of 1783, we can study world volcano, Japanese volcano. In addition, we can enjoy with strangely shaped rocks of ogre pushing out in outdoor nature walk while learning life of plant of progress and flowers of alpine plant after eruption for approximately 220 years.
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We see and play

Ikaho green ranch
Natural recycling orthodox school ranch which there is in Nature opening at the Haruna foot of a mountain. Sheep dog show or BBQ, archery can have various experiences.
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Toy and doll car Museum
We display good old toy and doll, teddy bear according to theme. In the car Museum which displayed classic car, the former excellent car.
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Karuizawa toy kingdom
Look, "theme park of toy" which we touch and can experience toy kingdom. Kingdom of toy which small child loves here. A lot of vehicles which even room of toy which can be idle with many toys freely without minding rain and small child can enjoy♪
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Forest of forest type re-dzo torr homme
Forest suggestion type field park of Kitakaruizawa. We can sense simple lifestyle practiced routinely in Finland, "ruomu" bodily.

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Yumeji Takehisa Ikaho memorial
Including masterpiece "Kurofune shop of Yumeji Takehisa," we display many paintings of beauties, design image, watercolor, wide work including rough sketch.
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takumino village
24 tourist facilities where is dotted with "people of takumino" where there are woodwork and bamboo work, making soba experience. Various on-site trainings are possible.
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Tsukiyono bidoro park
Glass art Museum, art spot where there are visit and production experience of glassworks including world glass shop.
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