We offer seasonal seasonal taste

With railroad tie in thatch town
Have meal of soba and seasonal foods

Business hours

It is from 11:00 to 15:00 for business hours. As reservation is unnecessary, please drop in at lunch and break casually. Shop full of atmosphere that arranged makeup beam for ceiling is inner.

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Craftsman is hand-kneaded

As for the soba, craftsman is hand-kneaded every morning in adjacent studio. The next volost is unrivaled article as visitor worked as comes to eat only soba. A lot of such as limited number of Juwari soba or Inaka soba can have.

Eat; to log word of mouth

Special dish dishes of seasonal foods

Very popular special dish dishes such as-limited menus of something unusual are prepared in Akagi regional chicken reckoning soba in soup with full of taste of tempura using seasonal foods and thick chicken, omelet, month of craftsman handicraft.

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