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It is flowering information of cherry tree of the prefecture!Must see beautiful spring blossoms!

Akagi southern aspect 1,000 cherry tree (Maebashi-shi)
It is chosen as "100 selections of Japanese cherry tree famous places" (meeting of Japan cherry tree) and is famous place of cherry tree representing Maebashi-shi that many tourists visit every year.  Approximately 1,000 cherry trees are in full glory, and city street of approximately 1.3km that Yoshino cherry tree blooms for a little less than 60 years years old becomes tunnel of wonderful cherry tree at the time of full bloom. During Sakura Festival period, southern foot of Akagi product city and stage performances such as local fresh farm products, various events including street performance are performed folk art. In addition, going to see cherry blossoms at night sightseeing is possible by habomborino lighting, light up by night. (until ... 21:30)
Flowering time: The early April and mid-April
Place: 2511-2, Naegashimamachi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma
Access from HATAGO: It is approximately one hour 30 minutes by car
From Saturday, April 1, 2017 to Sunday, April 16 "Akagi southern aspect 1,000 Sakura Festival" holding!
The details are this → http://maebashi-cvb.com/event/03_senbonsakura/index.htm
Takasaki ruins of a castle park (Takasaki-shi)
Castle where it was constructed a castle in the Takasaki Castle by Naomasa Ii in response to command of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Doi of outermost outworks circumstance and moat, Inui oar, the east gate are left, and approximately 300 Yoshino cherry trees which there is inside of ruins of a castle park moat color downtown of Takasaki now. We can enjoy cherry blossom viewing from various angles including cherry tree becoming fantastic by cherry tree and light up to be reflected in the surface of the water.
Flowering time: The late March and early April
Place: Takamatsucho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma
Access from HATAGO: It is approximately one hour by car

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