Yakushi Onsen HATAGO,located near Kusatsu,Gunma. Feel ancient taste of Japan and a relaxing time.


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Introduction of experience-based plan

It is memorial cake gift celebration in specially made cake

We color commemorative day with important one by cake and taking a ceremonial photograph, message card, celebration from the HATAGO staff on memorial day.

To important person bouquet! Memorial flower gift

We offer flower of ... present with feeling of love to ... important person with feeling of thanks to important one.

Luxuriously carefully selected material another one article of "exquisite special"

Carefully selected ingredients which we had from Gunma brand Japanese beef "Joshu beef" and each place. You add to meal, and please appreciate.

It is fun together ♪ Nice drink all-you-can-drink pack

Let alone beer, it is advantageous Option Pack that sake and whiskey, shochu, soft drinks of HATAGO careful selection are served without limit and can enjoy!

Guidance of companion coloring pleasant banquet

Heartfelt hospitality! We entertain time for pleasure of home life of all of you with true heart.

Even the first person is all right! Making soba experience♪

"Making soba experience" using domestic buckwheat flour side craftsman can eat kind soba which we hit by yourself instructing carefully!

Important people and reserved bath to enjoy slowly

Bathing enjoy with hinoki bath and two of jacuzzi and is perfect location where the murmuring of Nurumigawa under eyes opens in front.

... comfortable massage that both heart and body are healed♪

Both heart and body are healed by manipulative massage by professional masseur by the bath up. Please sense 1:00 of supreme bliss bodily by hot spring positive professional massage♪

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